What are we looking for?

Aesthetics-related projects that are original, genuine, creative, inspirational and stimulating. We aim to discover talented artists, powerful work that resonate with our various audience; and provoke thoughts and inspirations across fields of art, fashion and culture.

How to submit or pitch?

Fashion Editorials

There’s no strict limit on the quantity of looks or the brands of clothing as long as you have a unique perspective and timeless aesthetics and can present a well-articulated story. But we highly encourage diversity and creativity in your project.

Please send

  1. title and summary of the story

  2. preview of all the images in low resolution or pdf

  3. full team credits with links to the portfolios.

  4. wardrobe information of each look

to noisemagnyc@gmail.com or use our contact form below.


We welcome original and innovative films from different genres, such as fashion film, narratives, documentary, visual arts, musical or any creative forms.

Please send

  1. password protected vimeo link

  2. a short description of the film with full team credits

to noisemagnyc@gmail.com or use our contact form below.

Please note that your submission of films should be premiere, and we do not offer screening fees for content.

We also welcome pitches for films to be developed if you are looking for a commission under NOISÉ. Please send a summary about your ideas to us.

Brand Collaboration

We work with brands with various ways: sponsorship, partnership, campaign, and brand supported films. To discuss a specific idea or project on behalf of a brand with NOISÉ, please send an email to noisemagnyc@gmail.com or use our contact form below.

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