Adrianne Ho Is Sweating Not Only The Style But The Path Of Her Life

Adrianne Ho Is Sweating Not Only The Style But The Path Of Her Life



Marc Jacob dress and bag. Yajun Studio Coat.

Marc Jacob dress and bag. Yajun Studio Coat.

Grew up in Toronto, lived in New York City for a couple of years and now living in Los Angeles, living in those three cities has really given her a great global perspective in her life.

“Toronto is such a multi-cultural diversity, so I think that kind of gave me open minds, and I’m able to travel a lot.”

“Living in New York and having that life in major city has given me a real sense of style, comes like street style.”

“LA is a really special place because the lifestyle is extremely healthy, extremely wholesome, getting up with the sun, eating organic food, working out, being close to nature.”

“So, these three perspectives have really shaped the person that I am today.”


Her dad is Chinese from Hong Kong and her mom is French from France, having that kind of cultural duality to very different cultural backgrounds, has kind of helped her of being on her feet. You would never think about which cultural background affects her the most when you talk to her face to face, because she fits perfectly well in any conversation.


“I take a lot from my Chinese culture, you know, working hard, having respect for elders, just always like being on the goal which I think is something very strong in Chinese culture.”

“While having a love for lifestyle (from French culture), relaxing and food. Actually, both cultures are great with food.”

“And I think that kind of helped me be able to jump into any situations and feel comfortable. Also, it made me feel like, in some ways, I can fit into both worlds.”

Yajun Studio Coat.

Yajun Studio Coat.


Sweat the style is a lifestyle brand that she started a couple of years ago, at that time there’s really nothing else out there. It’s kind of a digital space combined fitness, health with fashion and street wear.


Some people got to know her from this platform or Instagram but didn’t know how she was like before she started to work out.

“Before I started modeling, I never thought about health and fitness, I thought like, okay, you have a salad and you’re healthy.”

“But once I got into fitness and working out, and started to fit within the standard of fashion, I started to learn and educate myself. And it kind of helped me with making smarter decisions about what I’m eating, what kind of work out I’m doing and those affects actually made me a happier and more positive person.”

Yajun Studio jacket, bra and choker.

Yajun Studio jacket, bra and choker.


It’s predictable that she didn't give a name when we asked about her role model for life, instead of a name list, she prefers looking at other people’s life, learning from people that she looked up to, and see things that kept them motivated and how it can be applied in her life.


“So recently I started to watch the speeches that Arnold Schwarzenegger had made. I was watching it over the New Year’s, and I felt so inspired. He was talking about the time when people around him told him no, told him that he didn't fit in the type of a leading man or super star. But he never took their word.”


“That’s something I could take motivation and it think it’s something we can all kind of apply in our lives like not worrying about what other people say or fitting into a box, knowing you are just your own person.”

Supreme jacket, pants and hat. Adidas sneakers.

Supreme jacket, pants and hat. Adidas sneakers.



Approaching her late twenties, age is still just a number to Adrianne. Turning 30 is not something she needs to respond to, it only means something to the people who judge the others by age. Not her.

“When I was little, I was used to think that maybe I would be married or having kids or be living a very traditional life. But I don’t know I still feel young and I’m still young I still feel like there’s so much to do. Feel like these days people are breaking their stereotypes, especially when it comes to ages that what you are supposed to be doing, what’s right or wrong. I think what’s really great about these days, being alive in these days, is that you actually don’t have to follow the stereotypes anymore. You can just literally do whatever you want to do.”


“And if it’s like you are not married by the time you are thirty, then, that’s great! Because you only have one life, and you know you don’t want to live your life following what you think you should be doing, you should be doing what you want to be doing. Because at the end of the day, no matter who says what, you are the one that living your life.”

Noah Hoodie. Comme Des Garçons Coat. Prada Hat.

Noah Hoodie. Comme Des Garçons Coat. Prada Hat.

Adrianne’s New Year’s resolution was just something general good as every year, besides getting more organized this year, using limited time in a more efficient way in 2019. She’s not the type of girl who believes in birthday or new year wishes, but rather try her best and make things happen.

Not just the style, she’s sweating the path of her life at the same time.


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